Our Advisory council forms the core foundation of Provision’s team expertise. Council members bring forth a wealth of knowledge shaped by their decades-long experience for maximum Client benefits. Their strategic guidance and global perspective across projects ensure quality results.

Darryl Rego

Managing Director

Darryl Rego has over 25 years of global experience in general management and F&B and supply chain management in the hospitality industry.

Naresh D’Mello

Director, Technology Services

Naresh D’Mello is a senior official managing Provision’s technology services. He has held several key roles across various segments, including being the VP at Infosys.

Patrick Welch

Corporate Strategy

Patrick Welch is an hospitality industry executive for 44 years and has worked in over 50 countries as CFO, COO and CEO.

William Tilghman

Legal Affairs

William Tilghman was the Chief Legal Officer of Avendra, LLC and its immediate predecessor, Marketplace by Marriott, LLC, from 1998 to 2009.

Homi Gazdar

New Development & Technical Services

Homi Gazdar is a senior professional with over 30 years' experience in property development and project management covering projects in the Middle East, USA, India and UK.

Julian Chang

Cross Border Services

Julian Chang is the co-founder and Senior Partner at the Cambridge China Group and co-editor of China Rules: Globalization & Political Transformation.