QA & QC for Hotels


An efficient supply chain system requires two integral components – Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC)

At Provision, we believe that QA/QC is a layered, ongoing process. We understand that poor quality items can have a critical impact on project timelines. With the help of a dedicated QA/QC team for all your projects, timely QC checks at critical junctures are standard practice at Provision. Prototypes are produced before mass production begins with our dedicated QC resource overseeing the entire process on ground at the manufacturer.

Quality control is also practiced on-site. Once the goods are delivered to the property, our QC personnel conducts a thorough check of quality and quantity before accepting deliveries.

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  • Dedicated QA QC experts across various stages of your project lifecycle, from production and on-site delivery and installation
  • Pre-qualified vendors guarantee consistent standards of high-quality products for your hotels
  • Transparency across the process also ensures accountability with submission of timely QA QC reports, visible to all stakeholders

Quality Control