Provision’s customized product offerings encompass substantial global experience. Our client-centric approach extends beyond quantitative measures. We empower our clients to make smarter investment decisions that are backed by thorough ROI analysis in the Due Diligence phase. This is an integral component of our Value Engineering process.

Value Engineering

Value Realization

At Provision, we believe the Value Realisation Process is an essential contribution towards the continuing success of an implemented solution. Our services extend to include tracking customer activity and satisfaction along with spend utilization of executed programs. This enables us to identify non-compliance and address the potential barriers collaboratively. Critical success control points are:

  • Effectively collaborating with the vendor community and the client to ensure success of ongoing supply chain solutions
  • 'Syncing in’ with executive leadership of clients to intuitively adjust supply chain models based on overall strategy and goals
  • Utilizing relevant electronic platforms to convert and communicate push/pull reporting from distributor related products to the client