Asset Management

Provision has the expertise to have your property achieve its full potential to extract maximum asset value.

The Asset Management Process

We assume responsibility for managing lodging investments to meet the specific objectives of ownership and understand the importance of developing a strategic vision for asset management, and for using the latest asset management techniques in pursuit of that strategic vision.

Provision considers the context for asset management by examining the asset cycle and the market cycle. We consider our actions with regards to the asset depending on where you are in each cycle. The proper course of action depends on the hotel's relative age and condition, known as the asset cycle, and the state of the economy, known as the market cycle.

Monitoring Ongoing Operations

Our team constructs an asset management plan to monitor the ongoing operations of a hotel and to produce an investment recommendation for the owner.

The plan includes the following key elements:

  • Property Summary including great deal of physical data of the hotel
  • Major Plans & Actions that are deemed of the most important in the coming year
  • Market Overview answering key questions about the market, supply, demand, etc.
  • Performance Overview including financials, guest service outcomes and other key metrics
  • Competitive Supply Overview  analyzing the competitors
  • Capital Overview  expenditures following by a concise forward looking capital needs study of the near and medium term

Other services conducted as part of the asset management responsibilities:

  • Strategic planning and organizational restructuring
  • Market repositioning
  • Franchise and management company evaluation, selection and contract negotiations
  • Acquisition and disposition due diligence assistance