Hotel Development & Project Management

Provision Advisory Services uses proven project management methodologies on large and small projects. By using these proven techniques we are fully accountable to the process and move the project forward. As an owner representative, we seek to minimize risk by employing experienced consultants that first solve business problems, and then apply their technical and artistic experience to the project. As a development specialist we understand the complex business and technical issues that need to be solved by sound economics, scope and budget controls using quality assurance and quality control steps during design and construction.

We do this by:

  • Coordinating hotel brand standards, meeting with corporate designers and assure that these standards are used in the design documents. If a variance is needed, we will be your advocate to give good solid business reasons for the request.
  • Work closely with the architect and engineer to program the project that meets the client’s business parameters.
  • Provide conceptual estimates and budgets and manage the design team accordingly.
  • Provide project scheduling from Pre-Design Phase through Project Close Out using our Look Ahead Schedules to manage resources and tasks that are critical to keeping the project on budget and on schedule. We include the client’s responsibilities as well, to assure the team that all timely submissions are done on-time.
  • Coordinate all design reviews of the consultants work including an exhaustive Construction Document Review which is an inter-disciplinary coordination review. This is done after the A/E team has completed their construction documents. We check for uncoordinated or incomplete documents which cause costly change orders. We have saved our clients’ upwards of 20% of the construction budget by utilizing this technique to minimize costly change orders.
  • On- site inspections during critical phases of construction to assure the client that the contractors are building to approved construction documents and that no short cuts or product substitutions are being made.

These techniques have been used successfully for such clients as: Marriott International, Host Marriott, Choice International, Hyatt, Hilton Hotels and Wyndham International.

Sampling of Services:

  • Site survey, selection and scope of work
  • Architectural and engineering services
  • FF&E installation
  • ADA compliance inspections and reporting

  • Project budgeting and scheduling
  • Interior design and procurement
  • Construction management
  • Historic preservation