Food & Beverage

Provision Advisory Services has the intellectual capital to develop successful concepts and implement best practice operating expertise that will deliver profitable results along with increased brand loyalty. We provide actionable solutions that will maximize asset value.

Based on a thorough assessment of your operation, following are some of the key focus areas where Provision can deliver significant impact to drive revenue as well as lower cost. It is critical that each of these components are well integrated for the overall success of the business

Concept Design

Our expertise is not only in creating new concepts but addressing ones that presently do not work. Changing a concept while in operation is challenging but not impossible. We are able to project manage and implement a plan by:

  • Identifying the root of the issue via a thorough Due Diligence process
  • Creating a plan and design for the new restaurant
  • Preparing the customers for change by creating a targeted marketing plan
  • Training and preparing the associates for the transformation
  • Sourcing, purchasing and installing the new design on time and on budget

Sales & Marketing Plan

The success of any business is to attract new customers as well as keep the same the ones coming back for more! We create a strategic marketing road map to grow sales and profits. This is achieved by collaborating with the concept development team in key areas such as branding, public relations, training and design. Our team's expansive knowledge of global and local food and design trends enables us to create and implement a successful business plan.

Menu Engineering & Development

The menu engineering component is the heart of a profitable operation. The creation and implementation of a well-designed menu is critical. Our practice partners consist of culinary professionals that have represented their country in numerous competitions and are recognized with international acclaim. However, they are also well balanced with a tremendous amount of business acumen and offer practical solutions for real world challenges.

Food Specifications & Cost Control

Our supply chain services team collaborates closely with the culinary and operations team to source products based on the exacting requirements of the menu and the concept. We work with a variety of US and international suppliers which enable us to control product quality and cost.

Labor Cost Management

We evaluate your current practices and provide solutions without forfeiting quality or service. We take a unique multi-faceted approach by:

  • Conducting a Volume Assessment which enables us to better understand your business highs and lows. This will enable the operation to forecast its labor requirement
  • Evaluating your personnel to determine individual strengths and weaknesses. We create training plans that enhance team performance and make role recommendations that will complement each individual team member’s strengths.
  • Developing an associate cross training program that enables the operation to be flexible in adapting to its human capital requirements
  • Provide procurement guidance on product recommendations which enables the operation to make "buy" vs. "make" decisions

Systems Integration

We evaluate your business processes and provide valuable insight for ways to increase performance and efficiencies. We recommend and collaborate with a number of Enterprise Resource Platform partners in the marketplace to deploy a needs based solution that encompasses Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources and Finance.

Working in tandem with our supply chain services team, we also offer reporting and analytical tools to measure spend and supplier performance. Along with our partners, this offering can also contain a robust solution to gain control on the entire procure-to-pay cycle.